Editorial: A Time for Compassion

“Judgment Day” has not come as many have believed it would.

This is not a time for any “I told you so” response; it is a time for great sensitivity, compassion, and love.

Some people have divested themselves of money and possessions; still others have invested as much mental, emotional, and spiritual energy as they possibly could.  There will be much confusion and brokenness caused by Mr. Camping’s unfortunate and inaccurate prediction.

It may be that we will run into people who are reeling from the deception.  The only option we have is to apply the healing oil of love, and tell them that on any day—and every day—God is with us.

This may also be a time to help people who will likely receive “an explanation” (a re-calculation?) from Mr. Camping himself.  He is probably not able to admit he was wrong, so we may receive some attempted “justification” from him.  Again, this is not a time for curt replies or cheap shots; it’s a time to tell ourselves and everyone else that we are to put our trust in Christ, and Christ alone.  When we do that, we’re ready whenever Jesus comes again.

About Steve Harper

Dr. Steve Harper is retired seminary professor, who taught for 32 years in the disciplines of Spiritual Formation and Wesley Studies. Author and co-author of 45 books. He is also a retired Elder in The Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.
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2 Responses to Editorial: A Time for Compassion

  1. cindijh says:

    I’ve felt sorry for everyone caught up in this judgement day scenario. I pictured Mr. Camping, as the moments ticked by and nothing was happening…imagining how he must have felt. And the followers, too. There was a New York Post…? Times? article I read the other day about families split apart by this. Some were disciples of Mr. Camping…and others weren’t. One particular story I remember was about a family with three teenagers. The teenagers thought their parents were nuts and were embarrassed at their behavior. Mom quit her job as a nurse and they stopped saving money….doing house repairs etc. She was convinced that at least one or more of her kids would be left behind when they were raptured. It is just a sad story through and through. Glad it’s over…for now anyway.


  2. Rachel Hollingsworth says:

    Thank you, Steve, for your wise and instructional words. I have shared this on facebook, hoping that others will hear and heed this wise instruction to bear with one another and be compassionate. Thank you and Blessings to you!

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