First Day: On the Journey

This month’s Oboedire family gathering is little more than a general update.   I am happy with the posting schedule that has slipped into place early in 2012.  As you know, it means that “In-Sight” becomes an occasional writing, more in keeping with traditional blogging.

It also means the introduction of “Ministry Musings” each Thursday, affording me an opportunity to both keep in touch with folks I am meeting at various ministry events and also to share with the rest of you some of the things which are happening at those events.  I hope this down-to-earth, “on the road” weekly posting will be beneficial to you.

We will soon come to the end of Evelyn Underhill’s book and also The Desert Fathers.  I plan to continue with the Monday post, “Listenings,” by selecting another text and using it to further our learnings about the spiritual life.  “Listenings” is the anchor posting for Oboedire, so I will keep it going.

I will probably not immediately add something on Tuesday when The Desert Fathers is over.  I’m still trying to honor the spirit of simplification which re-arose in me during the Christmas holidays.  And besides that, I believe fresh discernment will come through a kind of “sabbath rest” on Tuesdays for a while.

One new feature on the main Oboedire page is the posting of my ministry schedule.  If you are near one of the posted events, or have friends who are, consider yourself invited to attend.  And please use the schedule as a way to pray for me and for the various ministries I am involved in this year.

As far as I can read and interpret statistics, it seems that the Oboedire blog has established a kind of regular readership, and that it continues to grow “little by little.”  My prayer for you remains the same—that no matter when or how often you turn to Oboedire, you will find it to be a means of grace and a tool for your spiritual formation.

Before our next “First Day” posting, we will enter Lent.  I will have an “In-Sight” post for you on Ash Wednesday.

Thanks for being on the journey with me!  Continue to tell others about Oboedire.

Blessings!    Steve

About Steve Harper

Retired seminary professor, who taught for 32 years in the disciplines of Spiritual Formation and Wesley Studies. Author and co-author of 42 books. Also a retired Elder in The Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.
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2 Responses to First Day: On the Journey

  1. Margot R Thompson says:

    edit: What ESJ said is that Life is ours in Jesus Christ, the incarnate. =o) — 3 different but related “Ls”

  2. Margot R Thompson says:

    Good Morning Dr. Steve —
    I appreciate this post in which you express a lightness and a liberty from the weight of any mantle. It seems to me we are children of God first and foremost. Thank heavens — and thank-you, Holy Spirit! Reading E. Stanley Jones this year. He notes that out of the Law (OT) came Liberty (incarnation) and at last we live in Liberty (Holy Spirit). This is more than some dreary dispensation — it is a fullness of God’s infilling — Emmanuel — it allows us to slip into the harness without chaffing — and for me just now, to slip out of the harness to leap and dance…yes, yes, yes.

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