Followership: Among You It Will Be Different

Here’s another post from Len Sweet’s excellent book, I Am a Follower

He writes in relation to Jesus’ words, “But among you it will be different.  Whoever wants to be a leader among you must first be your servant” (Mark 10:43).

Sweet points to William Barclay’s statement, “God said to Jesus, ‘Set up a reign of love.’ Satan said to Jesus, ‘Set up a dictatorship of force.”

And then Sweet writes about the way our fallen-word culture establishes things: “The surrounding culture dominates and in many cases oppresses those under it.  In fact, it celebrates that domination, that hierarchy, and esteems the rights and privileges that come from being on top” (p. 33).

This is bad enough, in and of itself.  It’s nothing short of tragic when a “dictatorship of force” finds its way into places where the way of Jesus is supposed to be normative.

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