In-Sight: The Many Faces of Christ

Richard Rohr writes, “Christ takes on the face and features of each person God loves'”

This has prompted me to ponder “the many faces of Christ.”  Here are a few examples.  To them, add your own…

To the cosmos, he is the “bright and shining star.”

To the lonely, he is the “friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

To the prisoner, he is the “one who sets the captive free.”

Each day, the Risen Christ comes, looks into our face, and conforms his face redemptively to ours.  In our day, I believe he is seeing the faces of the marginalized and the outcasts, and coming to us as the “One who was despised and rejected.”

His incarnational configuration is always one that inspires and empowers us, giving us hope by reminding us all that we are God’s beloved.  Jesus is not a “heresy hunter,” he is on a “salvation safari.”

He comes to us with grace, not a gun.  He is not trying to pick us off, but rather pick us up.  He took on our flesh to do this with humanity.  He takes on our face to do it with each of us.–rejoicing with those who rejoice, and weeping with those who weep

About Steve Harper

Retired seminary professor, who taught for 32 years in the disciplines of Spiritual Formation and Wesley Studies. Author and co-author of 42 books. Also a retired Elder in The Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.
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  1. I have a picture of Christ that has famous people’s face pictures making up the design of Jesus’ face. It is awesome. Came from a pastor in a church where I directed choir. I think it was done by an artist in the New York area, but it is awesome. It never ceases to remind me that we are the face of Jesus to a lost world. Thanks for your sharing, Steve. I would love to be at the VA Annual Conference for your Bible Studies this year, but it is not a possibility. Blessings…..

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