In-Sight: Joseph’s Alteration

     We move next to Joseph’s experience.  Mary’s reputation was at stake; Joseph’s honor was on the line.  It took an angel’s visit to both of them in order to prevent them from misunderstanding what was going on.  And Joseph, like Mary, received the revelation that the baby would be more than human–he would be Emmanuel: “God with us.” 
     Again, we could never have figured out how to make this happen, but God could, and did.  The angel’s message was enough for Joseph to endure his own embarrassment and hang in there while God worked it all out.
     We think of Mary’s experience as one that conferred great honor on her, as the “theotokos” (God-bearer), but Joseph was viewed as worthy to be the “abbatokos” (father-figure) whom Jesus would walk beside and work with.
     Both Mary and Joseph had nine months, not merely to get ready for the birth of a son (Jesus), but to prepare themselves for the birth of the Son (Christ).  Each year we have the same opportunity.

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