Ancient Wisdom: January 12, 2013 (Year A)

Read:  Isaiah 42:1-9

Meditation:  “On a Mission”

Isaiah prophesied that the servant of the Lord would literally be a man on a mission. and so Jesus was.  Using words similar to our reading today, he used the 61st chapter of Isaiah as the inauguration of his ministry “to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:11).

When we follow Jesus, he takes us into the world and asks us to use our lives and vocations as instruments through whom the blind can see and the prisoners can be set free.  The One on a mission now calls us to be with him on that mission.

Once we see this, we can never settle for “churchianity” (a come-to mentality), but rather we are now part of Christianity (a go-to mentality).  We take on the character of the Servant by behaving like servants ourselves.  We use our everyday routines to connect with those who have been in the darkness too long. 

The season of Epiphany calls us into mission.  The One who came is also the One who sends, and he wants to send us (John 20:21).

About Steve Harper

Retired seminary professor, who taught for 32 years in the disciplines of Spiritual Formation and Wesley Studies. Author and co-author of 42 books. Also a retired Elder in The Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.
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