For the Bride: Pivotal Passages–3

Today, I share those passages which have led me to advocate the process of holy conversation…

–passages that refer to assemblies
–Jesus’ conversations with his disciples
–Acts 1:12–2:1
–Acts 2:42 ff
–Acts 10:1–11:18; Acts 15
–Paul’s epistles as examples of conversation
–Hebrews 10:25

In a way larger than selected passages can reveal, my belief in holy conversation is created and sustained in phrases,like “the people of God”….”the Body of Christ”….”the community of faith”….”the fellowship of believers.” As I have often said, in English the word church is singular, but in theology church is always plural. Holy conferencing binds us together. It is an essential expression of the “oneing” (one-anothering) that the Bible commends, which Julian of Norwich later emphasized in her writings, and which Wesley included as one of the instituted means of grace.

I have not shared these three lists of passages to put any pressure on you to agree with me, but only to respond to the question, “How did you come to advocate these three pillars?” and to show you how my reading of Scripture was the igniting element in my hermeneutic.

I continue adding to this list almost daily, because the principle of love, the practice of non-judgment, and the process of holy conferencing run throughout the Bible. The preceding lists are only representative examples.

As we move ahead in these posts, it is important for you to realize that the convictions I wrote about in my book, and continue to write about here each week, are rooted in Scripture. Some have mistakenly thought that I read a book that changed my mind. But the fact is, I read The Book, and whether you agree with my interpretations or not, at least I want you to know that the Bible itself is the igniting source.

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