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Here and Now: The Pace of Grace

​Having laid our foundation for here-and-now living in Scripture and tradition, the rest of this series will be more topical in nature.  And I can think of no better segway than to look at the pace of grace. Living in … Continue reading

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Holy Love: Fresh Wind Blowing #2

​As far as I know, no one who reads my posts is a monk.  And I am guessing those who do would not hesitate to say, I am not a monk.”  But the fact is, surprising as it is, we … Continue reading

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Here and Now: William Barber, II and Liz Theoharis

​I choose to end our look at tradition (e.g. people and movements) with William Barber II and Liz Theoharis, the two co-leaders of the renewed Poor People’s Campaign.  They represent a growing grassroots movement for reform that is rooted in … Continue reading

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In-Sight: The Third Temptation

I do not usually post something on both Fscebook and Oboedire.  This is an exception. _______________________________ “The Third Temptation” I cut my teeth as a new Christian on Evangelicalism.  I developed my faith within Evangelicalism.  I lived into my sixties … Continue reading

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Holy Love: Fresh Wind Blowing #1

​In order to embrace the significance of LGBTQ+ inclusion, we must understand that it is part of something larger that God is bringing to pass on the earth today—a new pentecost.  A fresh wind of the Spirit is blowing, and … Continue reading

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A Reminder

Once or twice a year, I post a reminder that Oboedire grows almost entirely by word of mouth.  I do not advertise it. Whether you have been part of the Oboedire fellowship for a long time, or only a short … Continue reading

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Here and Now: Henri Nouwen

​I cannot write about here-and-now living without mentioning Henri Nouwen.  Although he did not introduce me to the idea, he has added significant content and perspective to it. Nearly all his books speak about living in the present moment.  But … Continue reading

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