About Oboedire

Oboedire (pronounced “oboe-deer-ay”) is the social media ministry of Dr. Steve Harper.  Oboedire’s aim is to assist you in your spiritual formation by offering a variety of writings on the spiritual life.  While rooted in the Christian tradition, Oboedire appreciates and connects with insights from all the world religions. Oboedire is for anyone who desires to live more fully as a human being made in the image of God.

The name Oboedire is derived from the Latin word for listening, and it reminds us that living obediently arises from a prior contemplative disposition. This is in keeping with Jesus’ admonition, “Happy are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice” ( Luke 11:28). Obedience is listening with the intention to enact what we hear. Oboedire seeks to foster attentive spirituality

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