About The Blog

The Oboedire blog is designed to encourage you in your journey of spiritual formation.

Spiritual formation begins with becoming attentive—primarily attentive to God, but also to the whole of life as well.  Richard Foster has recently written, “we have lost the ability to attend to God in the inner sanctuary of the soul.”  The Oboedire blog is one means to encourage attentiveness in relation to key issues related to the spiritual life.

The 2016 themed post is entitled “Year of Mercy.” Each Wednesday, I will write meditations based on Pope Francis’ papal bull,’The Face of Mercy.’ He has declared a year of Jubilee and invited people of all faiths, and no faith, to journey with him in relation to mercy. These weekly posts will enable us to join the journey. You can get the Pope’s document free as a download (Google: the face of mercy pdf), or as a paperback book or ebook for $4.95 from Amazon. You will get much more out of the blogs if you have the Pope’s original writing.

As we head into the Fall months, I am beginning a new series on “Nonviolence.” It will post each Monday through the end of the year. We are living in an observadly violent time, where people are the victims of harm in the society and church. We must learn and practice nonviolence in our day, as others have had to do in theirs. I hope this series will help you do that. The series begins on September 5th.

You can subscribe for free to the Oboedire posts by entering your email address into the box on the right-hand sidebar of the home page. The icons at the top of the home page contain additional information and resources.

I pray that Oboedire will be one of the ways God will use to enrich your life, and I ask for your prayers as I write here from time to time. If you find it to be so, please tell your friends about Oboedire. It grows best by word of mouth.

Blessings! Steve

One Response to About The Blog

  1. Tom says:

    Rev. Powers liked your blog – that’s good enough for me, too.

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