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Retired seminary professor, who taught for 32 years in the disciplines of Spiritual Formation and Wesley Studies. Author and co-author of 31 books. Also a retired Elder in The Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church

Here and Now: Remember

​There is much more in the Old Testament that can help us live in the present moment, but we must move on if this series is to be contained within our yearlong time frame.  One final look at here-and-now living … Continue reading

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Here and Now: Prophetic Particularity

​We near the end of our brief exploration of the Hebrew Scriptures by pointing to the prophets as longstanding examples of those who saw and proclaimed the here-and-now life.  Beginning with Moses in Exodus 3, and running through the biblical … Continue reading

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Here and Now: Ever-Present Shepherd

​For many people, the 23rd psalm is the high-water mark in the Old Testament.  Its esteem is warranted for many reasons.  But one is that it roots life in the present moment.  The verbs are present tense.  David’s experience of … Continue reading

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In-Formation: The Vision Domain

​[Note: if you are especially following this ongoing series on spiritual formation, please note that in observance of Lent, it will not appear again until Monday, April 22nd. The 2019 theme series “Here and Now” is pre-scheduled and will continue … Continue reading

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For the Bride: Bibliography

​A Basic Affirming Bibliography On Human Sexuality Below are books which have shaped my theology of human sexuality.  The list began as an attempt to gather biblical references, but in the course of doing so, I realized that a full orbed … Continue reading

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For the Bride: You Are Loved!

​If I were asked to name the #1 struggle that LGBTQ+ people have, I would say it is their struggle to believe God loves them.  If I were asked to name why they have this struggle, I would say because … Continue reading

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Here and Now: Choices

​We have explored the basic contours of here-and-now living to recognize that each moment comes as a choice.  The present moment leaves it up to us as to how will live it.  An old saying captures this reality, “God votes … Continue reading

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