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Editorial: Mass Shootings and Religion

Sitting in the deep sadness that drapes our national soul when we experience another mass shooting (307 this year)**, we once again hear the cries and calls from a nation whose voices are hoarse from repetition, whose eyes are red … Continue reading

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Editorial: A Leader’s Influence

‚ÄčThe most unbelievable allegation made by Donald Trump in the wake of the documented escalation of violence in our country since he took office is that his words and example have had nothing to do with it.  Pointing away from … Continue reading

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Editorial: Human Sexuality–A Panoramic View

I have been developing the following article for months. It is still a work in progress, but I offer it today in relation to the current administration’s potentially defining human sexuality using the inaccurate view of birth manifestation gender–a possibility … Continue reading

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Editorial: Willful Ignorance

‚ÄčThe United Nations report on climate change came out a few days ago, drawing on scientific evidence from more than thirty countries to say (once again) that the problem is real, and if it is not addressed, we are in … Continue reading

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Editorial: Shouting

The “Editorial” category is one I use when posting an unexpected writing that is not connected with other themes. ______________________________ Thoughts on Kavanaugh’s approval… When I was in seminary, we joked that when writing a sermon, it is sometimes necessary … Continue reading

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Editorial: Into the Night

How ironic that a text from the Maundy Thursday passages so clearly applies to us on this Maundy Thursday.  In John 13:30, as soon as Judas left the group gathered in the upper room to go and betray Jesus, the … Continue reading

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Editorial: The Choice

As the world turns civically and religiously, we face a fork-in-the-road choice: to be relational or rejective toward those with whom we disagree.  The choice sets a trajectory that gathers to itself many other things as it moves forward.  The … Continue reading

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