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The Oboedire site is not designed for ongoing communication between the author and readers.  But Steve reads and benefits from all comments that are posted.

You have two options for responding.  First, you can add a comment to any blog you are reading. That response becomes part of a larger sharing experience with other readers. All we ask is that your comments be respectful, not derogatory.  Thankfully, that has been the case, overall, so the comment-section is a valued part of the Oboedire ministry.  But we reserve the right to remove any comment we feel is not contributive to the purpose of edification.

Second, an email address exists for other Oboedire-related communication. The address is  It’s checked periodically, and when called for, responses are given.  But you may also use the email address to pass along helpful information, valuable resource suggestions, etc.

7 Responses to Contact Information

  1. John Powers says:

    Steve – It has been a great run! I have looked forward to each of your Oboedire posts and will miss them. Thanks for sharing your insight and wisdom with your friends and fans. Blessings to you and Jeannie. John and Sharon

  2. Jonathan Langer says:

    Thank you Steven. Your voice has strongly and positively encouraged my ministry as a Chaplain. I will miss your postings. They have pointed me to other writers I would not otherwise have known about. God Bless you as you go forward in your journey.

  3. Barry D Bahr says:

    Hello Steve, You have been and continue to be such a blessing in my life. I have so enjoyed your dialog this year on “Mercy” & “Non-violence”. Your Advent #3 discussion came at a perfect time. At that particular time I happened to have been listening, and just being “daddy” to my beloved daughter ( a U.C.C. minister in Southington, CT) after the presidential election and she needed comfort. Your words flowed from “on high” as I regurgitated those words, “In the end, God wins!) We cried joyously as I read your post. Thank you my brother for Spirit-Filled communication. Barry

  4. Matthew says:

    Is there a good way to find audio of the hymns in your Prayer Book?

  5. Stephen Boggan says:

    Hi Dr. Harper,

    Have you written anything on Celtic Spirituality, Contemplative Prayer, Emergent Christianity?


    Stephen Boggan

  6. Lindsey Davis says:

    Steve, I continue to be lifted up, challenged and convicted by your writings and sharing. Thanks. Come see us in Kentucky. Your friend in Christ, Lindsey

  7. Hillary Crute Johnson says:

    Help. Your email address is no longer working. Trying to find out the Richard Rohr text you quoted today on Gleanings. Not in archives or common texts. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom!

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