Engage Group

The New Awakening that we are in comes with challenges as well as opportunities. One challenge is experiencing life together so we can both resist evil and do good.

“Engage” is the way we seek to foster life together here on Oboedire. It is a voluntary group experience manifested in three expressions

First, common reading. One of the formative practices in Christianity and other religions is a group’s reading a book together. “Engage” commences with this. You can see the current text that we are using now at the end of this page.

A brief weekly “Engage” post will guide the reading for a particular week. These are archived so you can access them at any time.

Second, conversation. The means of grace called holy conferencing makes the reading experience interactive. Using Zoom, we will gather occasionally while reading a book to share insights, ask questions, etc. Zoom meeting announcements are included in the “Engage” posts.

Third, conduct. “Engage” means what it says. Our life together as an online group is meant to lead us into concrete engagements in the world. “Engage” aims to help us be instruments of God’s peace. The Wesleyan Covenant Renewal Service says, “Christ has many services to be done.” The “Engage” experience does not prescribe what that should be for you, but it does aim to say, “do something”–keeping in mind St. James’ words, “Faith without works is dead.”

So…you are invited to be part of the “Engage” experience. It is a form of the means of grace called holy conferencing. You do not have to formally register, but if you want to indicate you are on the journey, use the Oboedire email (oboediresite@gmail.com) to let Steve know you’re involved. It is nice to know who and how many are on the path.

The current common reading is Richard Rohr’s book, ‘What Do We Do With Evil?’ It is available only in paperback directly from the Center for Action and Contemplation (cac.org), from Amazon Books (not Kindle books), or through an independent bookseller near you. [One edition of the book entitles it, ‘The World, the Flesh, and the Devil: What Do We Do With Evil?]

We begin reading on May 30th. If you find this information after that date, you can join “Engage” at any time. The weekly reading guides are archived, and you can easily get caught up and onto the path.