Major Series

Oboedire has more than ten years’ worth of archived writing. For a long time,”In-Sight” was the main series, exploring the spiritual life from a variety of vantage points. It continues with a new title, “Along the Way.”

In addition, specific themes have been addressed through a continuing series. Here is a list of the major, long-running series that have appeared on Oboedire.

1. “Listenings” (7/20/2010 to 1/31/2011)–the opening posts for Oboedire. A way to see the vision that launched Oboedire.

2. “Benedict’s Rule” category (1/7/2011 to 3/22/2013)–posts exploring this ancient Rule of Life.

3. “Desert Wisdom”category (1/4/2012 to 3/19/2013)–posts that examine early-Christian spirituality.

4. “The Spiritual Life” by Evelyn Underhill (2/7/2011 to 3/12/2012 in the “Listenings” category)–posts related to Underhill’s classic book.

5. “Spiritual Formation” by Henri Nouwen (3/19/2012 to 12/30/2013 in the “Listenings” category)–posts related to the book by the same title.

6. “Let Us Pray”category (10/6/2012 to 6/18/3014)–posts about the theology and practice of prayer.

7. “Lumen Fidei” category (1/6/2014 to 8/11/2014). This series explores Pope Francis’ first encyclical.

8. “For the Bride” category (9/5/2014 to 7/31/2015)–posts related to Steve’s book, ‘For the Sake of the Bride’ (Abingdon Press, 2014).

9. “Journey”category (9/1/2014 to 8/17/2015)– posts related to Brian McLaren’s book, ‘We Make the Path by Walking.’

10. “Year of Mercy” category (2016 theme)–posts related to Pope Francis’ book of the same title.

11. “Prophetic Task” category (10/16/2017 to 1/15/2018)–posts exploring Walter Brueggemann’s theology of prophetic ministry.

12. “Practicing the Better” category (2018 theme)–posts that expand upon Richard Rohr’s concpt of “the practice of the better.”

13. “Here and Now” category (2019 theme)–posts that explore the ways and means of living for God in the present moment.

14. “Holy Love” category (8/3/2019 to December)–posts that initially explore Steve’s book, ‘Holy Love: A Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality’ (Abingdon Press, 2019) and then a larger theology and practice of live in the Christian tradition.

15. “Love” category (2020 theme through June)–posts that explore what it means to love God, others, yourself, and the world.

16.”Shepherd’s Care” category (ongoing)–a series focusing on the spiritual formation of clergy. Helpful or laity who wabt to help their pastors thrive.

17. “At the Gate” category (January 2021, ongoing)–an occasional series of responses to inquiries from Oboedire readers and others along the way.

18. “New Awakening” category (October 13, 2021–January 13, 2022). This series explores the new Awakening we are in today, offering signs and manifestations of it, and commending practices that can make us instruments of God’s peace in the midst of it.

19. “New UMC” category (April 6, 2022–present). As the United Methodist Church moves into a new day, this series explores ways and means for “serving the present age” (Charles Wesley)

20. “Christ” category (April 17, 2022–present). The person and work of Christ (excarnate and incarnate) is the heart of Christian faith. This series develops Christology with an eye to how Christ continues to transform us.

In their archived format, these extended series are potentially useful group studies. See the “Conversations” icon for a suggested group meeting format.