About Oboedire

In July of 2010, Dr. Steve Harper launched the Oboedire site to provide a multi-faceted perspective on Christian spiritual formation.

At the end of 2016, he ended regular postings. Oboedire is still active for archival purposes. Dr. Harper has written on a host of topics in the 6.5 year span. Go to the righthand sidebar to access them.

You can also see the books Dr. Harper has written by going to the righthand sidebar and clicking the “My Books” link.

3 Responses to About Oboedire

  1. Just Pastor Eric says:

    Wow… putting into practice what we consume mentally… what a concept… I should probably be intentional about that, before I grind myself down any further. HAH. Steve! I cannot tell you how many times I have quoted you (about the balance of head and heart, worship being the central act of God’s people, etc.) May God’s ministry continue through you, now that your schedule is a bit.. um.. different! Big hugs. EJK Asbury 2002-2007

  2. Michael D. says:

    Steve: I thoroughly enjoyed your article “Courage to Keep On Praying” in the March / April 2013 edition of “The Upper Room.” I found it very inspiring and challenging.

  3. Rev. Henry De-graft Appiah says:

    am happy to know about oboedire and hope to experience it one day in my life.
    hope to learn more as I keenly follow your activities or program. I hope to establish on in Ghana – Africa. God bless you.

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