Some people use the Oboedire posts and “Heart Sound” podcasts in various small-group experiences at work, school, or the church.

In spiritual formation, holy conferencing is considered to be a means of grace. Conversations are a primary way we grow in the spiritual life.

Generally speaking, “the simpler, the better” when it comes to small-group interaction. That’s why this icon is entitled, “Conversations,” and why the following guide is brief. Use it as you like to enrich your time with others.

1. As you begin, sit in silence, relaxing and centering as a sign of your openness to God and to each other.

2. Create a formative flow in your conversation through these questions….(1) What in the reading or podcast was most important to you?, (2) Why do you think it impressed you as it did?, and (3) How might you convert the insight into a specific attitude and/or action that would enrich you and then in turn, help others? [We recommend you take the questions one-at-a-time, in a three-round sequence of sharing]. But however you use them, responses should be brief, and anyone should be welcomed to “pass” on any question they prefer to keep to themselves. God works in speech and in silence–in public and in private.

3. Even though the group is not technically a prayer group, consider ending your time together sharing how you would like for others to be praying for you (or others for whom you are concerned) until you meet again.

4. Sit in silence, being grateful to God for your time together with your friends. [Some groups include praying outloud together “The Lord’s Prayer” or “The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi” to formally end their time together]. Rise and go to love and serve others in all you do.